potion  0.2
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 asm.cSome assembler functions
 asm.hSome assembler macros
 ast.cAst for Potion code in-memory implements PNSource
 ast.hAst for Potion code in-memory
 callcc.cCreation and calling of continuations, in non-portable asm, x86 only yet
 compile.cTransform the ast to simple two-address lua-like bytecode
 contrib.cStuff written by other folks, seen on blogs, etc
 file.cPNFile class for unbuffered blocking file descriptor IO
 gc.cGenerational copying garbage collector, non-precise with Cheney loop
 gc.hNon-API GC internals
 internal.cMemory allocation and innards
 internal.hNon-API internal parts
 khash.hKlib hash table library based on double hashing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_hashing
 lick.cPNLick class - the interleaved data format
 load.cLoading of external code, bytecode and shared libs
 mt19937ar.cRandom numbers (mersenne twister)
 number.cSimple arithmetic
 objmodel.cObjects, classes, types, methods, weakrefs and mop
 opcodes.hPotion VM instruction set (heavily based on Lua's)
 potion.hThe potion API
 primitive.cMethods for the immediate primitive types PN_NIL, PNBoolean, PNAny
 string.cInternals of utf-8 and byte strings
 table.cImplement unordered hashes and ordered lists (PNTable and PNTuple)
 table.hCentral table type, based on core/khash.h
 vm-arm.cArm7 jit (32-bit only), unfinished!
 vm-dis.cInterface to various jit disassembler libs
 vm-ppc.cPowerpc jit (32-bit only), unfinished!
 vm-x86.cX86 and x86_64 jit
 vm.cVm execution loop, the "bytecode interpreter"