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Aio_handle Class Reference

create a Aio_handle More...

Public Member Functions

static PN aio_is_active (Potion *P, PN cl, PN self)
static PN aio_handle_uvsize (Potion *P, PN cl, PN self)
static PN aio_close (Potion *P, PN cl, PN self, PN cb)

Detailed Description

create a Aio_handle

Member Function Documentation

static PN aio_is_active ( Potion P,
PN  cl,
PN  self 

Returns TRUE if the prepare/check/idle/timer handle has been started, FALSE otherwise. For other handle types this always returns TRUE.


Definition at line 1371 of file aio.c.

static PN aio_handle_uvsize ( Potion P,
PN  cl,
PN  self 

Returns size of various libuv handle types, useful for FFI bindings to allocate correct memory without copying struct definitions.

Definition at line 1438 of file aio.c.

static PN aio_close ( Potion P,
PN  cl,
PN  self,
PN  cb 

Request handle to be closed. close_cb will be called asynchronously after this call. This MUST be called on each handle before memory is released.

Note that handles that wrap file descriptors are closed immediately but close_cb will still be deferred to the next iteration of the event loop. It gives you a chance to free up any resources associated with the handle.

In-progress requests, like uv_connect_t or uv_write_t, are cancelled and have their callbacks called asynchronously with status=-1 and the error code set to UV_ECANCELED.

Definition at line 1463 of file aio.c.

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