p2  0.0
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p2.h File Reference

The p2 API. More...

#include "potion.h"
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#define P2_VERSION   "0.0"
#define P2_MINOR   0
#define P2_MAJOR   0
#define P2_SIG   "p\02\10n"
#define P2_VMID   0x79
#define P2_FUNC(f, s)   potion_closure_new(P, (PN_F)f, p2_sig(P, s), 0)


PN p2_source_load (Potion *P, PN cl, PN buf)
PN p2_parse (Potion *, PN, char *)
PN p2_run (Potion *, PN, int)
PN p2_eval (Potion *, PN)
PN p2_sig (Potion *, char *)
PN p2_load (Potion *, PN, PN, PN)

Detailed Description

The p2 API.

(c) 2013 by perl11 org

Definition in file p2.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define P2_VERSION   "0.0"

Definition at line 8 of file p2.h.

#define P2_MINOR   0

Definition at line 9 of file p2.h.

#define P2_MAJOR   0

Definition at line 10 of file p2.h.

#define P2_SIG   "p\02\10n"

Definition at line 11 of file p2.h.

#define P2_VMID   0x79

Definition at line 12 of file p2.h.

#define P2_FUNC (   f,
)    potion_closure_new(P, (PN_F)f, p2_sig(P, s), 0)

Definition at line 44 of file p2.h.

Function Documentation

PN p2_source_load ( Potion P,
PN  cl,
PN  buf 
PN p2_parse ( Potion ,
PN  ,
char *   
PN p2_run ( Potion ,
PN  ,
PN p2_eval ( Potion ,
PN p2_sig ( Potion ,
char *   
PN p2_load ( Potion ,
PN  ,
PN  ,