perl5264cdelta - what is new for cperl v5.26.4


This document describes differences between the cperl 5.26.4 and the cperl 5.26.3 release.

If you are upgrading from an earlier release such as v5.26.1c, first read perl5262cdelta, which describes differences between v5.26.1c and v5.26.2c.

Modules and Pragmata

Updated Modules and Pragmata

Archive::Tar 2.32

Fix absolute path handling on VMS.

Skip white_space test on MSWin32 as Windows will report that both files exist, which is obviously a 'feature'

fix creating file with trailing whitespace on filename - fixes 103279

allow archiving with absolute pathnames - fixes 97748

Speed up extract when archive contains lots of files

CVE-2018-12015 directory traversal vulnerability [RT#125523]

bignum 0.51c

Better way to catch warnings (CPAN RT #126900).

Compress::Raw::Bzip2 2.081

pgcc support

Compress::Raw::Zlib 2.081

keep our pgcc support, keep our zlib-src fixes: deflateParams bug, FALLTHROUGH hints

Config::Perl::V 0.30_01

Add test for 5.26.1-RC1, and some cperl -V's

Fix signature with argument

Ignore ccache and compiler path in signature

Add default_inc_excludes_dot

use vars => our

Cpanel::JSON::XS 4.06

Added json_type support, ...

Cwd 4.75c

Fixed long pathnames test for getcwd() on older systems, like debian-7.11 i386, which still returns ENAMETOOLONG on large enough buffers.

Fix the HAS_GET_CURRENT_DIR_NAME check, and the is_ENAMETOOLONG macro.

For getcwd with get_current_dir_name() - i.e. fastcwd - add abs_path. See also

Data::Dumper 2.172

Restore deparsing support in the XS dumper, on Perl 5.18 and earlier.

Fix bug when dumping globs with quoting (which now happens for all Unicode glob names)

Behavior change: $dumper-Useqq(undef)> is now treated as setting the "useqq" option, not getting it (and similarly for other options) [perl #113090]

Quote glob names better; notably, Unicode globs are now handled correctly. [perl #119831]

DB_File 1.842

Document the MacOS build failures & how MacPort can work around the issue. RT #125238, RT #125585, RT #133280

Write all test db files into a directory created by File::Temp Protects against any possible races if running a parallel build.

#96357: DB_File destructor is not thread-safe Added CLONE_SKIP to and included the test db-threads.t from the patch. Note - This only works with perl >= 5.8.7

RT #124944 allow ppport.h-less builds in core

Devel::NYTProf 6.06_01

Fix sorting of numbers ending ...5s as microsec

Fix tests for Strawberry Perl portable

Fixed broken link in the pod to YAPC::NA 2014 talk video

Add "NYTProf" to buffer overflow error message for easier triage

Fix test failures on Perl 5.27.6+

Fix to prevent memory corruption in incr_sub_inclusive_time

Fix test failures on Perl 5.26 w/ PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC=0

Fix for the double opening of the web browser with --open

Updated links in docs from old svn repository to Github

Devel::PPPort 3.43_04

Fix test with Visual Studio (space in paths) by quoting $0. Note: This fix is not in the public CPAN release.

Digest::SHA 6.02

Silenced compiler warnings from VS2017 RT #124477

DynaLoader 2.09c

Fix wrong usage of SvREFCNT_inc_simple_NN with a function, fixes a memory leak.

dl_load_file: set NULL xs (bootstrap). When we find the bootname via dl_find_symbol early, we still need to set xs from dl_install_xsub().

Encode 2.98

no strict hashpairs in encoding. fixed some -Wsign-compare See

Skip the flapping test t/Aliases.t on threaded smokers, with random segfaults. This is a long standing core bug, with PMOP aliases or clone. First observed at (since 5.6)

Stop directory tweaking $Encode::Encoding{utf8}

Fix gcc warnings for older gcc < 4.0

Where possible do not depend on value of $@, instead use return value of eval

Fix more XS problems in Encode.xs file

Load modules Encode::MIME::Name and Storable normally

Remove no warnings 'redefine'; and correctly loaddependences

Remove PP stubs and reformat predefine_encodings()

Run Encode XS BOOT code at compile time

Use Encode::define_encoding and propagate carp/croak message

cperl fixes: encoding undeprecated, no strict hashpairs

Cleanup code for handling fallback/replacement characters

lib/Encode/MIME/ t/mime-name.t Pulled: Add "euc-cn" => "EUC-CN" alias to Encode::MIME::Name

lib/Encode/CN/ lib/Encode/JP/ lib/Encode/MIME/ t/decode.t Pulled: Uninitialized value fixes #122

Makefile.PL Pulled: Fix -Werror=declaration-after-statement for gcc 4.1.2

Fixed deep recursion in Encode::find_encoding when decoding.

experimental 0.020_01

eval use feature, minor test fix. Add the declared_refs feature. Enable lexical_topic for cperl 5.24, added perl5 compat.

Exporter 5.73

More use vars => our

ExtUtils::Constant 0.25_01

extend stack by one

ExtUtils::MakeMaker 8.35_06

Merge our fixes to upstream 7.35_06 (which has e.g. the dlltool mingw and parallel MSVC fixes). Many fixes were already in, but some new upstream bugs crept in.

Support IO::Scalar handle as $parsefile argument to ExtUtils::MM_Unix::parse_version().

fix Invalid Locale symbol name. Invalid identifier "ENCODING_UTF-8" while "strict names"

fix XSMULTI static with strict linkers, avoid duplicate symbol _boot_XS__Test in: Test.o blib/arch/auto/XS/Test/Test.a(Test.o)

xsstatic: fixup MAKE_APERL_FILE, which was Makefile.aperl.aperl, add xs_static_lib_is_xs

MSVC: seperate dbgoutflag

VMS: add static_lib_pure_cmd

Liblist: support libdirs with spaces

ExtUtils::Manifest 1.71

Only pod formatting

File::Path 3.16_02c

Fix symlink abort crossing mountpoint with CPAN::Distribution previous directory ~/.cpan/build changed before entering tmp-32186, expected dev=47 ino=244719549, actual dev=47 ino=33303, aborting at CPAN/ line 591

Fix method of generating names for dummy users and groups during testing (i.e. under docker) [cpan #121967].

File::Temp 0.2308

- remove File::Temp::Dir from the PAUSE index (it is not in its own .pm file, so it is not 'use'able on its own)

- change EXLOCK default from true to false; addresses RT#123959. Note that this option was always a no-op on non-BSD platforms; changing the default to false makes behaviour more predictable and consistent across platforms.

- switch from 'use vars' to 'our'

- documentation updates for what versions contain what features (thanks, Brian Mowrey! RT#101518)

- fix bad use of skip() in tests (RT#95922)

- Fall back to CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA under taint on Windows (RT#60340)

- update distribution tooling

Filter::Util::Call 1.59

XSLoader, our. defer Carp.

Add filter_read_exact tests.

Improve tests using FindBin for [atoomic]

Add int casts, assert on 2GB limitation.

HTTP::Tiny 0.076_01

Allow 'peer' to be a coderef. Document protocol field, case-sensitive method names.

if 0.0608

Doc how to import when you want to use MODULE ()

IO 1.39_01

replace use vars with our, run-time load Carp, Bump versions of 3 Socket modules. Remove 5.6 support

Many other changes, see plus some cperl fixes.

IO-Compress 2.081

lots of whitespace fixes in zipdetails exclude t/999pod.t also

IPC::Cmd 1.02

Fixed can't use IPC::Cmd->run_forked in the first process of a container RT #118424

Fixed run_forked("/usr/bin/echo test") captures no output RT #91784

HPUX test fixes.

Locale::Codes 3.38

new codes

Math::BigInt 1.999814

Add to_base() and from_base() to Math::BigInt and corresponding library methods _to_base() and _from_base() to Math::BigInt::Lib. This was inspired by CPAN RT #122681.

In the documentation for each of the to_(bin|hex|oct|bytes) methods, add a reference to the corresponding from_(bin|hex|oct|bytes) method.

Math::BigInt::FastCalc 0.5008

No code nor test changes.

Math::BigRat 0.2614
Net::Ping 2.70

Fix ping_udp for a started udp echo server (PR#5 by Stephan Loyd)

Fix t/400_ping_syn.t phases

Try to handle Windows Socket::getnameinfo errors

Improve some tests on missing network connections

Keep v5.002 - v5.6 support

Removed outdated demo/fping from the documentation (RT #123750 by Steve Morris)

Added t/420_ping_syn_port.t (#4 by Julio Fraire) with fixes.

Added indices and crosslinks to the documentation

use NIx_NOSERV flag for windows.

better icmpv6 support.

Fixes for ldlibpthname from 2.71

parent 0.237

use vars => our.

perlfaq 5.20180915
Pod::Man 4.11

Various upstream changes, see

Scalar::Util 1.50_11

fix find_rundefsvoffset logic

Fix t/subname.t and t/exotic_names.t for unstrict names. perl5.26 started defining $Config{usecperl} as 'UNKNOWN', hence this check is now unreliable.

Merge with 1.50 upstream: Ensure pairmap extends its stack correctly (davem) Fix name of List::Util::unpairs in its error messages

added head/tail honor PERL_NO_QUOTE_PKGSEPERATOR merged %DB::sub tests merge with upstream %DB::sub support (main:: or not, utf8)

Socket 2.027_04

Reimplement croak_sv (securely) for older perls (RT124063) Recognise %Config key for HAS_GAI_STRERROR (RT124044) Add TCP_USER_TIMEOUT (RT123253)

Storable 3.12_02

Enable >2GB AvFILL check on store_hook (64bit).

Too many references returned by STORABLE_freeze. It wrapped around previously. Fixes Coverity CID #187854. This is a security issue on 64bit cperl and perl5, as both allow SSize_t arrays.

Move into Storable_pm.PL [cperl #374]

Merge Makefile recipes from blead.

Test::Harness 3.42_01

Enable rulesfile.t to run in core

Return handle for pipes and sockets #58 (Erik Huelsmann) TAP v13 plan allows trailing whitespace (Steffen Schwigon) prove: add a --statefile=<path> option to customize the .prove file (Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason) Avoid non-deterministic source handling, make a SourceHandler tie an error. (Michael Schwern, Leon Timmermans) Fix and simplify MSWin32 colorization (Roy Ivy III) Fix file source handler to accept single extensions option (Tomoki Aonuma) Spelling fixes (Brian Wightman)

Thread::Queue 3.13

[RT #125868] Fix tests for Test::Simple 1.302138

threads 2.22_01

Fix Clang macro backward compatibility per patch by Andy Grundman. Keep the old better doc. Keep our modglobal fix in global destruction from 2.12_01.

Support PL_sv_zero. Don't Copy() null pointer

The documentation now better describes the problems that arise when returning values from threads, and no longer warns about creating threads in BEGIN blocks. [perl #96538]

threads::shared 1.58

Fix Clang macro backward compatibility per patch by Andy Grundman. RT #131124 Memory allocation fix.

Time::HiRes 1.9758_01

Updated from upstream since 1.9752:


Fix MSVC by adding a fake struct timezone.

Add more potential clock constants, like CLOCK_MONOTONIC_FAST (available in FreeBSD), and not all potentially found clock constants were properly exported to be available from Perl, see your system's clock_gettime() documentation for the available ones

Merged with our cperl fixes, esp. no __ANONIO__ See

Time::Local 1.28

Some tests which required support for epoch values larger than 2**32 were not being skipped when the underlying Perl did not support that.

Fixed the tests so they will not break in the year 2020. The tests were passing in 2-digit years on the assumption that a year like "70" would be treated as 1970, but starting in 2020 this would be treated as 2070 instead. Reported by Bernhard M. Wiedemann. RT #124787.

Added timelocal_modern and timegm_modern variants as optional exports. These versions do not munge years at all. They treat the year value that they are given exactly as-is.

Time::Piece 1.33

Switch to XSLoader.

Fix AIX compile

Fix compile errors on MS

Use macro for buf sizes

Remove some compile warnings

SP off by 1 in _crt_localtime

version 0.9924_02

use vars => our. Add updates from 0.9918: Add LAX_DECIMAL_VERSION, LAX_DOTTED_DECIMAL_VERSION, STRICT_DECIMAL_VERSION, STRICT_DOTTED_DECIMAL_VERSION regexes. Add updates from 0.9921: pod, safer C locale switching. Add vpp support for cperl: scmp, c suffix. More test fixes for 5.6


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