perl5243cdelta - what is new for cperl v5.24.3


This document describes the differences between the cperl 5.24.2 and the cperl 5.24.3 releases.

If you are upgrading from an earlier release such as v5.24.1c, first read perl5242cdelta, which describes differences between v5.24.1c and v5.24.2c


Set umask(0600) before calling mkstemp

POSIX 2008 demands such an umask, but it is still problematic on Solaris, HP-UX and AIX and older libcs, e.g. glibc <= 2.06. The old umask 0177 was insecure.

Disallow illegal glob with embedded NUL

E.g. <$fh\000> throws now the safe syscalls warning, and errors with Glob not terminated, and does not pass the illegal glob path to the internal or external glob.

See [cperl #342]

Follow chroot with chdir("/")

Fixed two security issues with the chroot op:

* fail on embedded NUL in the chroot argument. Set errno to EINVAL.

* If a call to chroot is not followed by a call to chdir("/") the chroot jail confinement can be violated. In Perl_pp_chroot: A call to chroot followed by an operation that may escape from the chroot jail. Coverity CID #165302 Insecure chroot.

[CVE-2017-12837] Heap buffer overflow in regular expression compiler

Compiling certain regular expression patterns with the case-insensitive modifier could cause a heap buffer overflow and crash perl. This has now been fixed. [perl #131582]

[CVE-2017-12883] Buffer over-read in regular expression parser

For certain types of syntax error in a regular expression pattern, the error message could either contain the contents of a random, possibly large, chunk of memory, or could crash perl. This has now been fixed. [perl #131598]

[CVE-2017-12814] $ENV{$key} stack buffer overflow on Windows

A possible stack buffer overflow in the %ENV code on Windows has been fixed by removing the buffer completely since it was superfluous anyway. [perl #131665]

Modules and Pragmata

Updated Modules and Pragmata

Archive::Tar 2.26

'0' is a valid name for an archive, change 'iter' to check definedness. See

Attribute::Handlers 0.99_01

pod updates

B::C 1.55_06
B::Debug 1.26
bignum 0.47c
Compress::Raw::Bzip2 2.074

plus our FLAG_APPEND_OUTPUT patches

Compress::Raw::Zlib 2.076_01

plus our patches.

Config 6.23
Config::Perl::V 0.29_01
CPAN 2.18_01

Update from upstream 2.16, plus keep our cperl and secure YAML:::XS support.

Cpanel::JSON::XS 3.0240

Simplify allow_singlequote check, coverity cid #165321. Remove logical dead code.

DB_File 1.840

But skip UpDowngrade() on CORE for reproducible builds

Devel::PPPort 3.36_04
Digest::SHA 6.01
Encode 2.93
experimental 0.019_01c
ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.280230
ExtUtils::Constant 0.24_01
ExtUtils::Install 2.14
ExtUtils::MakeMaker 8.30_04c
ExtUtils::ParseXS 3.36_03
File::Fetch 0.56

hpux should not use lftp. Switch test URL from to

File::Path 3.15_01c

Remove erroneous documentation. Correct skip count for Windows. Comment out two TODO tests. Make subdirectory names used in tests more random

Filter::Simple 0.94

Various small documentation fixes. Filter::Simple was erroneously signalling eof if it encountered a ‘no MyFilter’ right after ‘use’: use MyFilter; no MyFilter; In this case it should simply not filter anything.

Filter 1.58

XSLoader, our. defer Carp. add filter_read_exact tests.

Getopt::Long 2.5
IO 1.38

from latest cperl.

IO::Compress::Base 2.074

ISA fixes for c3 (by cperl) [cpan #120239]

cperl: Keep our t/ fixes

IO::Socket::IP 0.39_02

Fix new Autovivified hash slice warning. Keep demand-load Carp patch.

IPC::Cmd 0.98

flapping 01_IPC-Cmd.t appveyor test

Enhancements: Added wait_loop_callback for run_forked()

Bug fixes: Only search in curdir in can_run() when on Win32 RT#105601

JSON::PP 2.97001_04

Merged 2.97001 from cpan with ours.

Locale::Codes 3.55

Deprecated from CORE with 5.28.

Math::BigInt 1.999811_01


Math::BigInt::FastCalc 0.5006

2 new tests files from Math-BigInt.

Math::BigInt::FastCalc is now a subclass of Math::BigInt::Calc, so remove aliases like *Math::BigInt::FastCalc::_xxx = \&Math::BigInt::Calc::_xxx.

Use OO-calls rather than function calls. (i.e slower but overridable)

Math::BigRat 0.2613

Fix problem with second operand being changed in multiplication (CPAN RT #121139).

And keep our cperl test fixes. See branch cperl

Module::CoreList 5.20180101c
Net::Domain 3.11_01

cperl fix for darwin to use hostname, suse fix for utf8 Net::Cmd

Net::Ping 2.63
Pod::Man 4.10
Pod::Perldoc 3.28
Pod::Simple 4.36c
Scalar::Util 1.49_10
Search::Dict 1.07_01
SelectSaver 1.02_01

3-arg open

SelfLoader 1.24
Storable 3.05_14

Updated from 3.01, many critical fixes.

Test::Harness 3.39
Thread::Queue 3.12
threads 2.18_01
threads::shared 1.57
Time::HiRes 1.9751
Time::Piece 1.3203
Unicode::Collate 1.25_01
version 0.9918_02c
VMS::DCLsym 1.09
VMS::Stdio 2.44_01


Selected Bug Fixes

Platform Support

Platform-Specific Notes



cperl 5.24.3 represents approximately 13 months of development since cperl 5.24.2c and contains approximately 190,000 lines of changes across 1,200 files from 12 authors.

Excluding auto-generated files, documentation and release tools, there were approximately 75,000 lines of changes to 830 .pm, .t, .c and .h files.

The following people are known to have contributed the improvements that became cperl 5.24.3:

Reini Urban, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Karl Williamson, David Mitchell, Steve Hay, Craig A. Berry, James E Keenan, Dan Collins, Slaven Rezic, Tony Cook, Steven Humphrey, Dave Cross.

The list above is almost certainly incomplete as it is automatically generated from version control history including the perl and cperl repos. In particular, it does not include the names of the (very much appreciated) contributors who reported issues to the Perl bug tracker and the cperl github issues.

Many of the changes included in this version originated in the CPAN modules included in Perl's core. We're grateful to the entire CPAN community for helping Perl to flourish.

For a more complete list of all of Perl's historical contributors, please see the AUTHORS file in the Perl source distribution.

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    cperl Porting/ cperl-5.24.2..HEAD -c

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If you find what you think is a bug, you might check the articles recently posted to the comp.lang.perl.misc newsgroup and the perl bug database at . There may also be information at , the Perl Home Page.

If you believe you have an unreported bug, please run the cperlbug program included with your release. Be sure to trim your bug down to a tiny but sufficient test case. Your bug report, along with the output of perl -V, will be sent off to to be analysed by the Perl porting team.

If you think it's a cperl specific bug or trust the cperl developers more please file an issue at

If the bug you are reporting has security implications which make it inappropriate to send to a publicly archived mailing list, then see "SECURITY VULNERABILITY CONTACT INFORMATION" in perlsec For details of how to report the issue.


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