perl5242cdelta - what is new for cperl v5.24.2


This document describes the differences between the cperl 5.24.1 and the cperl 5.24.2 releases.


chdir heap-buffer-overflow

Fixed heap-buffer-overflow in chdir without argument. make chdir allocate the stack it needs for the result, overwriting one stack entry. Note that the perl stack is on the heap, so it's not that dramatic. [perl #129130]

Parse-CPAN-Meta security

Sets $YAML::XS::DisableCode, $YAML::XS::DisableBlessed while parsing META.yml files. See "$YAML::XS::DisableBlessed" in YAML::XS.


do_open, do_close macros

Those macros clash on darwin XTools with the system iostream _OutputIterator methods. We need to use the fullname Perl_do_open and Perl_do_close functions whenever perl needs to be embedded into C++ projects. Or the better do_openn macro.

With the system C++ compiler on darwin do_open, do_close are now undefined. See [cperl #227]

Modules and Pragmata

Updated Modules and Pragmata

App::Cpan 1.64_01

Fixed CPAN::Shell-expand("Module", "Bundle::...")> error with Bundles, a regression from 1.63 and prev. cperl releases up to 5.25.0c. cperl only.

Archive-Tar 2.18

Better 09_roundtrip.t tests.

base 1.23_01

revert incdot test change and fix properly

B 1.62_06

fix -Wc++11-compat

B-C 1.54_15

Fixed IsCOW savepvn, store the last cowrefcnt.

Fixed wrong savepvn length, failing with asan.

Optimized mro_isa_changed_in initialization. Added B::HV::Gv_AMG method.

Fixes heap-buffer overflow at t/c.t 11 with asan.

Fixed -lcperl for shared libcperl.

Compress::Raw::Bzip2 2.069

Fixed APPEND_OUTPUT logic [RT #119005]

Compress::Raw::Zlib 2.069

Fixed APPEND_OUTPUT logic [RT #119007]

Config 6.22_01

add fake_signatures, --regen support, support for dev versions.

Config::Perl::V 0.27_01
CPAN::Meta 2.150010c

And merge cpan/Parse-CPAN-Meta into it. cpan/Parse-CPAN-Meta is gone.

Parse-CPAN-Meta security: set $YAML::XS::DisableCode, $YAML::XS::DisableBlessed.

Add support for all known YAML and JSON modules: *::Syck, JSON::MaybeXS, Mojo::JSON. But JSON::Any is broken.

fixed UTF-8 issues, passes now all Test-CPAN-Meta tests.

CPAN 2.14c

reapply most of our patches. skip cperl builtin prereqs.

Cpanel-JSON-XS 3.0225

- Fixes for g++-6, stricter -fpermissive and -Wc++11-compat.

- Added tests for ill-formed utf8 sequences from Encode.

- modfl() mingw 4.0 runtime bug [perl #125924]

- Tested with the comprehensive JSON decode spectests from Not added to core. #72

- decode with BOM: UTF-8, UTF-16, or UTF-32.

- fixed detection of final \0 as illegal non-whitespace garbage. Fixes spectest 'n_number_then_00'. #72

- warn with unicode noncharacters as in core when not in relaxed mode. #74

- fail decode of non-unicode raw characters above U+10FFFF when not in relaxed mode.

- added t/gh70-asan.t

Data::Dumper 1.162

strEQc improvements

fix correct indentation for utf-8 key hash elements, [perl #128524].

Devel-NYTProf 6.04

Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings, and various minor issues.

Devel::PPPort 3.35_02

Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings.

Digest::SHA 5.96

prevented shasum from possibly running malicious code, remove '.' from @INC before module loading RT #116513, namespace cleanup (RT #105371 and #105372), minor code and documentation tweaks

DynaLoader 2.06c

Fixed build dependency for dlboot.c. No excessive rebuilds anymore.

Encode 2.88

various upstream fixes. plus g++-6 -fpermissive and -Wc++11-compat fixes. our local make -s silent patches and various others are now all upstream.

File::Fetch 2.52

* Set a cleaned env when running git clone * Changed git repository link in tests * Removed consistently failing tests * Require Module::Load::Conditional 0.66 * Fix FTP tests for ipv6

Getopt::Long 2.49.1

* RT #114999 fix :number * RT #113748 fix VersionMessage ignores -output argument * RT #39052 sanify gnu_getopt

HTTP::Tiny 0.070

Many fixes und improvements

Internals-DumpArenas 0.12_05

Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings. Print empty arrays and hashes as such.

IO-Socket-IP 0.38

- Support setting custom socket options with new Sockopts constructor parameter

- Restore blocking mode after ->connect errors [cpan #112334]

IPC::Cmd 0.96

set $Module::Load::Conditional::FORCE_SAFE_INC = 1

JSON::PP 2.27400_02

Fixed true/false redefinition warnings.

libnet 3.10

- Remove . from @INC when loading optional modules. [Tony Cook, Perl RT#127834, CVE-2016-1238]

- Increased minimum required version of IO::Socket::IP to 0.25 to hopefully stop t/pop3_ipv6.t hanging. [CPAN RT#104545]

- Debug output now includes decoded (from base64) negotiation for SASL. [Philip Prindeville, PR#27]

- plus the suse utf8 fixes for Net::Cmd, see 5bd7010cb and our darwin performance fix for hostname.

Locale-Codes 3.42

Added Czech republic aliases back in Lot of new codes.

Locale::Maketext 1.28

Fix optional runtime load for CVE-2016-1238

Add blacklist and whitelist support, with perl #127923 priority. See "BRACKET NOTATION SECURITY" in Locale::Maketext

Math-BigInt 1.999726

with our t/ skip count fixes.

Module-Load-Conditional 0.68

Fix unconditional @INC localisation, Add FORCE_SAFE_INC option to fix CVE-2016-1238.

Module-Metadata 1.000033

- Fix file operation in tests for VMS

- use a more strict matching heuristic when attempting to infer the "primary" module name in a parsed .pm file

- only report "main" as the module name if code was seen outside another namespace, fixing bad results for pod files (RT#107525)

Net-Ping 2.55

Fixed missing _unpack_sockaddr_in family, which took AF_INET6 for a AF_INET addr in t/500_ping_icmp.t and t/500_ping_icmp_ttl.t. Use now a proper default. Detected by the new gitlab ci.

Fixed _pack_sockaddr_in for a proper 2nd argument type, hash or packed address.

Improved 500_ping_icmp.t to try sudo -n (no prompt). [RT #118451]

Relaxed more tests failing with firewalled icmp on localhost. [RT #118441]

Fixed ping_external argument type, either packed ip or hostname. [RT #113825]

Fixed wrong skip message in t/020_external.t

NEXT 0.67

Doc and meta changes only.

parent 0.236

improved t/parent-pmc.t, excluded new xt tests

Perl-OSType 1.010

Added msys

podlators 4.09

Many Pod::Man bugfixes and new tests. See

Pod-Perldoc 3.27

Fix broken test on Windows and FreeBSD (RT#116551) Fix CVE-2016-1238 by temporarily removing '.' from @INC in world writable directories. Fix =head3 appearing in some perlfunc lookups AmigaOS patches (RT#106798) (RT#110368) Fall back to an English perlfunc if translation doesn't exist (RT#104695) FreeBSD has mandoc too, with UTF-8 support. -U now documented and implied with -F (RT#87837)

Pod-HTML 2.22c

Improved parallel testing, relative testdir/test$$.lib. See [RT #118416].

Scalar-List-Utils 1.46_08

Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings. Prepare for handling NUL in names for cperl-5.25.2

Socket 2.024_05

Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings.

Sys-Syslog 0.35

CVE-2016-1238: avoid loading optional modules from default . (Tony Cook). Patch rewrote to no longer depend upon @INC. See

Kept our smoker logic in t/syslog.t, for slow darwin systems, the suse patch and disabled the lexical filehandle patch.

Term-ANSIColor 4.06

Add aliases ansi16 through ansi255 and on_ansi16 through on_ansi255 (plus the corresponding constants) for the grey and rgb colors so that one can refer to all of the 256 ANSI colors with consistent names. These are aliases; the colors returned by uncolor will still use the grey and rgb names. (#118267)

Term::ReadKey 2.37_01 renamed to ReadKey_pm.PL, expand blockoptions specific variants already at installation, no load-time eval, demand-load Carp, remove unneeded AutoLoader, harmonize formatting.

patch: use faster StructCopy and fixup the XS.

improved blockoptions probe when dynaloading fails.

Thread-Semaphore 2.13

Added down_timed method.

Time-HiRes 1.9741_01

merge with cpan 1.9741

Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings Keep our better C++ fixes Keep our t/usleep.t, t/alarm.t, t/utime.t fixes. Keep our do_openn improvements in typemap. Skip t/utime.t on ext2/ext3

from upstream:

- El Capitan compatibility - use CLOCK_REALTIME for clock_nanosleep scan - include file consistency in scans - use clockid_t consistently - use hv_fetchs() - scan for clockid_t (needed for macos Sierra) - darwin lacks clockid_t [ #129789]

Time-Local 1.25

Less runtime memory: demand-load Carp, Config. reformatted

Unicode-Collate 1.19

Many new locales. Some major fixes.

version 0.9917_02c

Merge latest version with the '_' lyon concensus with the cperl extension of the optional final 'c' suffix. Extend version::regex for cperl. Now also parse the 'c' natively.

YAML::XS 0.75

fixed encoding issues: fixed wrong $YAML::XS::Encoding and $YAML::XS::LineBreak comparison logic. fixed utf8 input as handled as UTF8, non-utf8 honors $YAML::XS::Encoding.

fixed -Wunused value warnings

merged with upstream YAML-LibYAML, implemented $DisableBlessed (security).

Configuration and Compilation


Probe for llabs() needed for PERL_IABS on 32bit with -Duse64bitint, the default on mingw/cygwin. Defines HAS_LLABS.


Selected Bug Fixes

Known Problems

For open cperl problems see [issues].

Some of these fixes also can to be backported from perl5.25.x upstream.


Perl 5.24.2 represents approximately 2 months of development since Perl 5.24.1c and contains approximately 170,000 lines of changes across 720 files from 4 authors.

Excluding auto-generated files, documentation and release tools, there were approximately 93,000 lines of changes to 420 .pm, .t, .c and .h files.

The following people are known to have contributed the improvements that became Perl 5.24.2:

Reini Urban, Tony Cook, Yves Orton, Hugo van der Sanden.

The list above is almost certainly incomplete as it is automatically generated from version control history. In particular, it does not include the names of the (very much appreciated) contributors who reported issues to the Perl bug tracker.

Many of the changes included in this version originated in the CPAN modules included in Perl's core. We're grateful to the entire CPAN community for helping Perl to flourish.

For a more complete list of all of Perl's historical contributors, please see the AUTHORS file in the Perl source distribution.

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If you believe you have an unreported bug, please run the perlbug program included with your release. Be sure to trim your bug down to a tiny but sufficient test case. Your bug report, along with the output of perl -V, will be sent off to to be analysed by the Perl porting team.

If you think it's a cperl specific bug or trust the cperl developers more please file an issue at The p5p bug tracker is explicitly blocked for cperl developers, so we cannot see it there until it is fixed, which might need several years. p5p ignores any cperl bugfixes, so you might want to report it twice.

If the bug you are reporting has security implications which make it inappropriate to send to a publicly archived mailing list, then see "SECURITY VULNERABILITY CONTACT INFORMATION" in perlsec For details of how to report the issue.


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