Automatic cperl deployments

Binary packages

perl5 relies on external packagers to update and maintain packages for various distributions. It only provides source packages as tarballs.

cperl does a bit better by also providing binary packages for all major platforms. See also Installation at the STATUS page. win32, win64, debian 7 i686, debian 8 amd64, centos 7 x86_64, centos 6 i686+x86_64 and darwin amd64.

Packaging was done with this do-make-cperl-release script, leading to

Centos/Fedora/RHEL as el6 or el7 /etc/yum.repos.d/perl11.repo:


or for Debian/Ubuntu /etc/apt/sources.list.d/perl11.list:

deb sid main

So far the packaging was done on private build VM’s, and the hosting was done on github. Yes, you can easily host deb and rpm distros for free at github pages. But the idea is also to use external package providers, like OpenSUSE OBS or Bintray, which do packaging and hosting for many more platforms.


With cperl-5.26.0c the packaging for at least win32 and the new win64 platforms with MSVC12 and darwin is done automatically via tagging a release and pushing it to github. For MSVC12 you’ll need the msvcr120.dll runtime, available e.g. from the Microsoft VS 2013 C++ Redistributable Package from

Since today appveyor provides the windows deployments, and travis the linux src tarballs and darwin deployments.

Additionally appveyor provides also nightly builds on every master change. This is for now only in private draft releases, but I’ll think about enabling it as pre-releases.

Travis does not support nightly builds as easy as Appveyor. With Appveyor you can tag your deployments as

draft: true
prerelease: true
force_update: true

but with Travis you can only deploy tags. So for a nightly you would need to add a tag for every master change, there’s no deploy condition:

  appveyor_repo_tag: true


  branch: /(master|relprep)/

The missing prerelease or draft tag on Travis also means that every deployment on tags is a proper release, and you have to manually change that to a Pre-Release on the github release page. You cannot change that to an invisible Draft release.

The Appveyor force_update: true deploy tag means that you can start a deployment from win32/msvc12 and add files from e.g. win64 later to that github release. Travis always allows that. E.g. the src tarballs are added first and darwin pkgbuild files are added later.

One could also think of extending that to CPAN uploads, by encrypting the PAUSE key and let Travis-CI trigger the cpan upload on every new release tag.