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5 + 6 == 11!

Perl 11 is not (yet) an actual version of Perl; rather, Perl 11 is currently a philosophy with 3 primary tenets:

Perl 11 promotes ideas which will make Perl 5 pluggable at the following levels:

This will open up the doors to many kinds of language / technology experimentation, without endangering the existing Perl 5 / CPAN code bases that we depend on every day.

Pluggable VMs would be parrot, p2, JVM or .NET running Perl5 and Perl 6 code. 5 + 6 == 11!

Perl 11 Projects

The following projects are important in reaching the vision of Perl 11:


A Restricted Perl by Will Braswell which translates a medium-magic subset of Perl 5 into C/C++ using Inline::C and Inline::CPP


cperl is an improved variant of perl5, running all of perl5 and CPAN code. With many perl6 features, just faster.
Faster than perl5 and perl6. It is stable and usable, but still in development with many more features being added soon.


WebPerl is a port of the entire Perl 5 interpreter running inside a modern web browser.
WebPerl is compiled using clang/LLVM/Emscripten targeting WebAssembly, and can replace JavaScript as a client-side execution platform, complete with XS support!


p2 by Reini Urban was the attempt to be a fast, small perl11 (5+6 and more) using the potion vm.


potion is the VM behind p2, a small fast language, written by _why's, based on lua, io and others.


MoarVM is basically a freshly boostrapped parrot, with locking threads and a sixmodel MOP, supporting rakudo perl6.


"Not Quite Perl" is current abstraction layer between perl6 and parrot, with parrot and jvm backends, and moarvm and js coming along.


Perlito by Flavio Glock is a source level perl5/6 to perl5/6 and other backends compiler.

Larry's Perl 6 standard grammar

perl6/std with the viv metacompiler contains the canonical Perl6 grammar and now also a Perl5 grammar. Written in perl6, interpreted and compiled in perl5 (via viv).


gperl by Masaaki Goshima compiles to heavily optimized LLVM and is ~3x faster than p2. Currrently it is being decoupled to different perl5 compiler modules.

Seis and pviv

Seis is a project by Tokuhiro Matsuno to try some perl6 extensions in perl5.
pviv is a perl6 grammar written in greg, which compiles to an AST and will be used as the perl6 grammar for p2.


SPVM by Yuki Kimoto, a fast & small virtual machine with Perl'ish syntax.

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